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2011 in Czech music by Karel Veselý

Published January, 2012
by Easterndaze

Another of our 2011 recaps this time with acclaimed Czech journalist and writer Karel Veselý, author and editor of books including Hudba ohně (Fire Music: Radical Black Music From Jazz to Hip Hop and Beyond) and Kmeny.

What’s the highlight for you in Czech Republic’s music scene?
It’s nice to see people doing their own thing without the support from the big labels and also defying expectations from their fans. The highlight of 2011 in our music scene is the uncompromising hallucinogenic hip hop of Hugo Toxxx on his Legální drogy (Legal drugs) released on his own label Hypno 808.

I also very much enjoyed the Silesian electro-punk duo I Love 69 Popgeju on their long awaited debut album Let’s Gold Corridor released on vinyl byl Vole Love / Malaria records.

The newcomer of the year must be the one-man anonymous project Kittchen on his album Menu made available from his website.

One sign of the good health of the scene is the demand for vinyl and physical products in general – Kittchen was made as an album on vinyl by his fans, Floex‘s second album Zorya sold out on vinyl within few weeks and the same thing happened to my books (Hudba ohne, Kmeny).

What is the low point for you in Czech Republic’s music scene?
Racism on the hip hop scene (Hrobka & Pitva, reactions to LA4’s video Nadzemí with Gypsy actors in it). The music awards (Anděl, Žebřík) dominated by major label / radio / lowest common denominator crap. People being stuck in their own music scenes without any interest in what is going on elsewhere.

Discovery-new artist of the year /in Czech Rep./?
Apocalyptic lo-fi pop of Kittchen on Menu. Prodavač (ex-Sporto) on his Duchové EP

Duchove EP by P R O D A V A C

Personal tips and wishes and plans for 2012?
That we can finally witness the world change this year. I really hope that I am wrong to predict that the fall of consumerist capitalist culture will make place for new fascism. As for me: I hope to spend less time with useless shit like making money and more with things that really matter (such as my long delayed novel and my children).