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A/V oscillations – Blažíček & Zbořil

Published December, 2013
by Easterndaze


Martin Blažíček is a Prague born film/video maker and media artist active since 2000, either solo or as a part of various groups. Michal Zbořil makes electronic music with a focus on oscillating synthesized sound textures and has been part of several groups as well. Together they form an audiovisual duo and perform under seriously hardcore-no-frills name as Blažíček/Zbořil.

Blažíček/Zbořil, Live, March 2013 from Martin Blažíček on Vimeo.

Citing Martin’s webpage, his visual part of Blažíček/Zbořil is based on using a screening system for rotating objects, live camera and QuartzComposer. Fast moving images or objects are captured by live camera, instantly re-edited and projected on screen. What it means is that at their gig you’ll see black and white pictures of winter landscapes being deformed, reformed, coming in and out of focus, and some really fast flashing. All of this is very precisely synchronized with the sound, evolving from Eleh-like analog soundscapes unraveling into fast-paced oscillation driven rhythms – kind of in a Pan Sonic way with cleaner, less harsh sound.

Michal Zbořil / Martin Blažíček – Live at Cafe V lese, Prague from Martin Blažíček on Vimeo.

The music is definitely enjoyable on its own; however, it’s the combination with the visuals which makes the result unforgettable. The black and white images fit the clean simple sounds perfectly, just as the machine gun-like flashing fits the rhythm. This project is definitely something to keep an eye on. Unless you are epileptic, that is.

By Anek, check out his blog at Cáry Mlhy.