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alice mange son coeur: a Bohemian new label

Published June, 2011
by Easterndaze

The brand new imprint alice mange son coeur is a truly modern label. It operates from Prague and is run by the young Sara Cross who A&R’d the label roster from her bedroom via or Soundcloud where thousands of bands are hoping for their big break. alice mange son coeur has four artists from Canada, the US or Estonia. The sonic leitmotif is “lo-fi” with plethora of samples and diy recording. The labels launch party is set for 2 July 2011 in Prague’s Final Club, so we’re featuring it in its prenatal stages, which is kind of brave, but fuck it…we will definitely keep an eye on its existence and you should too.

What is alice mange son coeur?
_alice mange son cœur is an independent record label, working more as a crew of young and talented artists, not only musicians but also visual artists who want to somehow collaborate with bands.

MERCY BEAK by Doe Eyessss

Why did you decide to set up the label?
I’ve been interested in music for ever, and last year I spent many hours listening to bands on and Soundcloud that had just few followers; and I felt sad about the fact that nobody really cares about their, sometimes breathtaking talents. With some of them I started to talk and we became friends, and the more I knew how much they love making art the more I wished they were appreciated. And one day it just came to my mind – when nobody else does it, then I can do as much as I can to show the music I love to the rest of the world.

vsions by FEEL FLESH

What kind of music/sound do you want to present through your label?
I mainly want bands to have some sort of punk attitude. It is hard for me to specifically say the “type” of music, but I mainly have asked and will ask to join performers connected to experimental noise scene, riot grrrls or witch house. 

surfing – KEEL HER by keelher

Could you tell us more about the artists that you already have on the label?
I have four bands on the label so far – doe eyes and Feel Flesh are the experimental noise part; KEEL HER does amazing lo-fi/beach grrrl punk, and Spice Mouse plays the cutest experimental melancholic music I’ve ever heard. I also have to mention our main visual artist, amazing Stephanie Piccirilli.

Kevadtants by Spice Mouse

What are your future plans with the label?Right now we are working on the compilation where all the bands from the label are gonna have few tracks; some of them are already working on their EPs too. And the biggest plan we have right now is a European tour, which I HOPE is gonna happen soon.

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