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b0g’s plunderphonic mutants

Published March, 2011
by Easterndaze

The eye of Sauron Easterndaze is still pointed to the lands of Romania. This time its the new track by the mashup artist / track rapist b0g that caught our attention. The combination of booty bass electronica and something that sounds like romanian synth-folk-disco from the 80’s is amazing.

Aton mose kems by b0g

Don’t forget to check out also other of b0g’s stuff. His mashups and remixes always touch some local Romanian topics. In the track Tineretze Legionara b0g mashups the sound from a video recording of orthodox nuns singing the hymn of the infamous far-right pre-WWII Iron Guards with hard techno. In this sense his music could be compared to the sound of artists like the slovak Batcha de Mental, whose mashups of early 90’s Slovak pop with killer bass/electro are also a way of coming to terms with the past and tackling the subject of identity/authenticity.

Tineretze legionara by b0g