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Tag: romania

Future Nuggets – “Sounds of the Unheard from Romania” vol. 2

I stumbled across the mysterious tumblr Future Nuggets five years ago, which professed to champion “psychedelic sounds and obscure musical hybrids collected from the dark and hidden corners of romania”. The calling of the wild, the touch of Orient, Romania basks on the thresholds of East and West, and during our repeated visits - first in 2010 - and then later in 2013, we have met many people who have managed to make their positioning on the double periphery an advantage (periphery within Eastern Europe and Eastern Europe as a periphery of Europe, in general).

Published January, 2015

Nava Spatiala’s – noisenautics Vol​.​4

The Romanian project Nava Spatiala, whose Miron Ghiu has done a fantastic remix for fellow Romanians Somnoroase Pasarele whose album ABECD appeared our Baba Vanga label, are one of the proselytizers of dark techno and its industrial, offbeat guises championed by Downwards’ Samuel Kerridge or Blackest Ever Black. They hover between the eerie, paranoid territory of narcoleptic soundscapes, industrial and meandering atmospherics.

Published November, 2013

Somnoroase Păsărele – ABECD – pataphysics technoulipo

Somnoroase Păsărele, named after a famous eponymous poem by a Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu, is a duo from is a duo from Romania, based between the coastal city of Constanta and the capital Bucharest. Gili Mocanu is an established painter and together with Elena Album, also a visual artist, they have started a musical endeavor, quirky and tactical, organic yet otherwordly, witty and utterly serious at the same time.

Published September, 2013

It’s almost exactly three years since we started this, our Eastern adventures, sonic explorations, meeting amazing people, listening to great musics, climbing up the Soviet monument in Varna with Жълти Стъклa, to visiting cold wave musician and artist Wojciech Bąkowski in his flat in Poznan, chatting to animal activist and artist Penka Popova in Plovdiv, and impromptu broadcasting from the great diy radio Kanal 103 in Skopje at midnight. this video, featuring some shaky footage from our travels, was made by our friends a while ago, maybe it’s time to post it finally ;) Thanks to Fundaluka for making it for us! <3(Source: https://player.

Published April, 2013

b0g podcast: mix and mash, steal and clash

B0g - this great force by Easterndaze on Mixcloud Our Bucharest based bass buddie delivers another in our series of exclusive artist podcasts, by artists whom we like and who return our affinity (delusions of grandeur?) with sound pieces composed of their own recordings or as in the last podcast, by Piotr Kurek, an audio documentation of a journey to a concert. This time, it’s b0g, who was also featured on our second compilation with his massive Now I Want To Sniff Some Glue.

Published July, 2012

Improvised Soundscapes by Romania’s Miron Ghiu

We’ re continuing our Romanian sonic adventures with the Romanian Miron Ghiu, a self-proclaimed Music, New Media and Cyber Culture Freak Gonzo Geek Enthusiast Manic Journalist Nomad“. His hypnotic audio journey leads us through the offbeat paths of Romanian experimental music scene composed of samples of legends like Iancu Dumitrescu and his wife Ana-Maria Avram or Mastino Surfers (kindly attributed from our compilation:) or the sixties Romanian rock band Phoenix.

Published March, 2011

The Cluj Factory

After spending some quality time - no pun intended - in Bucharest and meeting all the incredibly driven local culture operators, festival organizers, experimental music afficionados, label heads, producers, angry old men and plethora of stray dogs, we reluctantly had to bid farewell to this wonderfully deranged city and head to northwest to Cluj-Napoca, Romania’s major creative hub. Most of the contemporary Romanian visual artists are either based or spent a formative period of their lives in this Transylvanian hotspot, the fourth largest city in the country.

Published July, 2010

100 to watch

Leaving Bucharest by train to Cluj we had almost 10 hours to read through the project 100 TO WATCH that we briefly mentioned in a former post, and which included in its jury/creative team the journalist and dj Tom Wilson and designer Milos Jovanovic. Being the “directory of 100 most talented artists in Romania today” it was published in October 2009 and should be taken as a insider guide for everyone interested in young and contemporary Romanian arts scene.

Published July, 2010