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Volkova Sisters Hope EP Remixes

Published May, 2012
by Easterndaze

Volkova Sisters are not only the characters from William Gibson’s cyberpunk novel Pattern Recognition, but also a Hungarian DIY band making dark waves with their second record Hope EP released a few days ago. The Hope EP’s five tracks are accompanied by a remix package from electronic producers some of whom you might be familiar with from this very blog.

For the gloomy lo-fi track ‘Das Mädel Und Die Dunkelheit’, the most experimental noise track on the EP, Poland’s Gazella, a new wave/ synthpop producer had a take, infusing it with some sunburnt chillwave vibes by taming the guitar theme. Bucharest-based producer Minus treated the guitar effect and added massive hip hop beats with a vocal tweak. But our favorite remix of the tune is the one by fellow Hungarian beatmaker Polyklinik who twisted the song and transformed it into a psychedelic experimentation layered of chopped vocals combined with odd noises, and drums with menacing bassline.

by András G. Varga