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Easterndaze on Resonance FM

Published March, 2011
by Easterndaze

Apart from the sampler and the events, we also recorded plenty of audio material on our journeys across the east. After spending some afternoons and evenings with our editing software, we have the first result – Romania. The show is aired tonight, 2 March 2011, on Resonance FM at 8pm GMT (9 pm CET).

The show includes interviews with Mihaela from the Rokolectiv festival, Makunouchi Bento who also played at one of our concerts, Anamaria Pravicencu and her Sambata Sonora listening sessions, the only Romanian noisenik Dyslex, Mastino Surfers, sound afficionado Rochite (another from our lineups), his mate Minus and sounds from Bucharest flea market and an old lady in Timisoara.

Easterndaze – Romania by easterndaze


Bucharest Flea Market (field rec.)

Strada Biserica Amzei (field rec.)

Bulevardul General Gheorghe Magheru (field rec.)

Bogdan – Phase Transition (from Human Thermodynamics, Local Records, 2010)

Minus feat. Clinic & Klem – Do You Like The Germans (unreleased)

Iancu Dumitrescu – Movemur et Sumus III (from Untitled, Edition Modern, 1993)

Bucharest Taxi Frequencies (field rec.)

Rochite – Live excerpts (2010)

The Sound Of The Real Underground (field rec.)

Mastino Surfers – Pavlov’s Dog vs. Schoedinger’s Cat (unreleased)

Dyslex – Pareidolia (2010)

Selfmademusic – The Misfortunate Mr. Terp (Easterndaze VA, Audiotong, 2011)

Makunouchi Bento – 27 Seconds on the Plank (SwimĂ©, Inpuj, 2010)


Felix Petrescu (Makunouchi Bento)

Mihaela Vasile (Rokolectiv)

Bogdan Anghel (Bogdan, Local Records)

Daniel Stanciu (Minus, Local Records)

Anamaria Pravicencu (Sambata Sonora)

Vlad-Catalin Matei (Rochite)

Ian Serbau (Mastino Surfers)


Unknown Lady

Salaian Mihai (Selfmademusic)

Felix Petrescu (Makunouchi Bento)

Recorded in July 2010 in Bucharest, Cluj, Arad, Timisoara, Interwebz

Mixed in November 2010 in Prague