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Makunouchi Bento: The Guardians of Rare Pieces

Published April, 2013
by Easterndaze

The Timisoara-based duo Makunouchi Bento make soundtracks for their imaginary movies. At times opulent, adventurous sonic textures are woven into a tapestry of imagination, transporting the listener into non-descript moments in time, a gentle, fragile odyssey that is peculiarly haunting, playful and dreamlike. It’s not a placid lullaby throughout though, there are more uptempo songs in there, too. They have assorted their unreleased tracks, collaborations, and whatnot into two “compilations” so far, a personal retrospective with tracks spanning a decade. 

The Guardians of Rare Pieces: Compilation Tracks by Makunouchi Bento The Guardians of Rare Pieces: Singles and Collaborations by Makunouchi Bento