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Makunouchi Bento’s Remix Box Ichi

Published July, 2012
by Easterndaze

“Makunouchi Bento” might be the Japanese phrase for a typical lunchbox, however this dish is served straight from Romania this time. Waka X and Qewza, are no strangers to our ears, their imaginary soundtracks featured at one of our gigs and radio shows. Their latest release, the Remix Box Ichi, presents their reworkings of their mates from Hungary, Romania and Germany.

The acclaimed producer Ben Mono is featured here with his collab with Jemeni. Adding their typical blend of IDM driven and bleepy sound arsenal, MB push his track Jesus Was a B-Boy to strikingly different territories than Moulinexx does on his version. Their reworking follows in a more deep and atmospheric vein than the standard disco edit by Moulinexx. Some of the keywords in tracks like the Nagz one revolve around: broken future hip hop beats..More about kicks and snares, but still preserving ambient sound capes carefully entangling the beat structure with light hip hop flavour.

The closing track and opener of this compilaton is different angle of the Romanians Norzeatic & Khidja, more a collaboration than remix, adorned with MB’s pure, organic breathing sound. Waka and Qewza definitely have talent to rework the original tracks in a very smooth way, keep their previous qualities and take them somewhere else, to more ambient, but still pounding territories. 

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Remix Box Ichi by Makunouchi Bento</a>

by Andrej