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Montgomery Clunk at Easterndaze@Sperm and his musical alter egos

Published May, 2011
by Easterndaze

Our Sperm Festival showcase is over and what a blast it was. We spent two nice days with our Romanian, Polish and Slovak guests finishing the party at dawn at a Prague house/boat (literally). If you missed Monty’s set, listen to it right now:)

Montgomery Clunk at Easterndaze @ Sperm Festival by easterndaze

Aside from his main musical guise, Silviu also has other more experimental projects – Contorsionist and Fjord. Beats are replaced by weird sonic explorations and muffled voice distortions. The Contorsionist project can be downloaded for free from the Asiluum website.

Contorsionist – Tungsten Trees (Alternate Epilogue) by easterndaze

Contorsionist – Voided Cuddle by easterndaze