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New videos – Lutto Lento, RSS Boys, Andras Csefalvay, Sillyconductor

Published August, 2013
by Easterndaze


Lutto Lento

Another Polish project belongs to the boss of the idiosyncratic Sangoplasmo label, the tape imprint that has carved its niche over the few years of its existence with quirky, outthere sounds by local as well as international artists, including Ensemble Economique or Decimus. Lubomir, Sangoplasmo’s heart and soul, also produces music, under the guise Lutto Lento. His sampledelic electronics will soon get a full length release, until then check out the summer-tastic the video:

LUTTO LENTO SIRENA from Lutto Lento on Vimeo.

RSS Boys 

Mik Musik’s RSS Boys have featured on our horizon for some time. The Polish outfit relishes in rhythmic, relentless compositions that stretch up to ten minutes. They have released an EP and featured on the Wire Tapper compilation. Here is their latest video:

András Csefalvay – Somewhere

The acclaimed Slovak artist András Csefalvay has also embraced music in the last couple of years, his releases appearing on the experimental label LOM, where he nestles next to noise and contemporary composition. His fragile, singer-songwriter material is soaked in nostalgia, irony and some underlying ominous calmness, a Victorian weirdness. The video to his track Somewhere comes form his upcoming record Funeral the Musical.

Check out our LOM label podcast here. 

Sillyconductor – Pianosaurus

We have met Catalin when we were in Bucharest in 2010, an affable man in thrall of sound and music, which he squeezes from anything and everything. His latest endeavour sees him experiment with software.