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Black Sea Manele-Core: Anadolchioi

Published February, 2012
by Easterndaze

Last week an interesting beat-making newcomer appeared on our radar. Coming (or supposedly coming) from the biggest Black Sea port of Constanţa, Anadolchioi is secretive about his true identity. His name is taken from the name of a Constanţa neighborhood in whose proximity he lived (Anadol is also a former Turkish car brand).

While my neighbourhood (Tomis III) is inhabited mostly by ethnic Romanians, Anadolchioi is home to Gypsies and the biggest Turkish population in Romania and is also a lot poorer and ghetto-like. For me it’s a symbol for the segregation between "high” and “low” culture.“

The beatmaker, inspired by Eurodance, the Romanian turbo-gypsy-folk Manele and Juke tries to "sneak in "unaccepted” and “naive” elements in a “hip” and “intellectual” context in order to blur the lines and hopefully make more people realise the arbitrary and unfair nature of this division.“

Currently working on an 90’s party-mix inspired EP, Anadolchioi will play a debut performance at the upcoming Rokolectiv Festival 2012

"This is the music I wished I could make when I was 9. My personal musical experience is in this case irrelevant as I’m trying to start from scratch with this project as not to include any stylistic preconceptions.”