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Romanian scene ’11 – free compilation

Published December, 2011
by Easterndaze

What is the relevance of local scenes in a globalised culture? I would argue that it´s increasingly important. A similar conviction is probably held by the guys behind Local Records, a Bucharest based record label which also functions as a promoter of Romanian independent artists. We have met Bogdan at Local Rec. whilst in Bucharest in 2010 and his vision of Local seemed enthusiastic. After several gigs for Romanian artists hosted in cities like Barcelona or Berlin and a monthly! release schedule, they have decided to capture 2011 in terms of Romania´s music scene.

The 14-track compilation is a sonic journey through dreamy, dancey electronics with some of the names benowned to us – eg. Montgomery Clunk (he played at Easterndaze curated night at the Sperm Fest in Prague in April), Hipdiebattery or Minus, but there are some new names too. Overall, the tracks conjure an xmassy vibe, perfect for end of the year melancholy-dreaminess, starting slowly and gradually climaxing into 4×4 territories.

[LCL11] V.A. – Buzz.RO! 2011 by Local Records

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