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Black Tar Jesus – EP (selfreleased, 2012)

Published June, 2012
by Easterndaze

One year after releasing his debut as the now discontinued witchhousey project TEMPELHOF, the Czech musician Tomáš Kopáček returns to his song-writing roots. His new project Black Tar Jesus seemingly continues in the vein of Kopáček’s former production – the dreamy and nostalgic lo-fi pop released under the name of Mon Insomnie.  

wallflower by BLACK TAR JESUS

However, the sound of the new project is much harder and emotionally fiercer than Mon Insomnie, maintaning a melancholic “downer” feeling, that compared to TEMPELHOF (“a joke”, according to Tomáš), sounds much more sincere. The EP is a catchy four track re-enactment of the 90’s grunge and stoner-rock sound with a distinct 2k10s lofi/bedroom approach that grabs the listener from the first seconds. Kopáček’s writing and his use of melodic hooks make this EP one of the most interesting debut releases we heard this year on the Czech scene, adding it to the likes of the amazingly inventive and confident Peklo, Nebo Ráj LP by the Czech band Planety.

You can listen and download the EP on his bandcamp page or come & see Black Tar Jesus (as well as Planety, Aches and many more) perform at the Creepy Teepee festival in Kutná Hora.