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dAdA ACTa – Czechoslovakia unites against ACTA

Published February, 2012
by Easterndaze

Remember Czechoslovakia ? The small country once part of the Communist Ost Block? The country that, after its Velvet Revolution and playwright-cum-president Václav Havel, broke apart into Czech Republic and Slovakia ? Well, now it’s united again. 

The events of January 18th and #OpMegaupload have spawned not only the first generation of the Czechoslovak Anonymous hivemind, that has DDOSed government agencies under the banner of #czsk ever since. Now also its youngest generation of musicians is united under one banner, that of dAdA ACTa.

[DADA ACTA] No Pavarotti – Oh No Dirty Diana by easterndaze

Ater SOPA was put off, ACTA has taken the center-stage of the struggle against an increasingly un-free and regulated Internet. Even though the Slovak and Czech governments have stopped the ratification process of ACTA to “reconsider”, the battle for the mind of the people still rages on. 

dAdA ACTa is a massive 4-CD compilation that was put together rapidly in the course of the last three weeks and features almost everyone that is significant on the Czech and Slovak experimental, electronic and underground music scenes. It is in itself an epic undertaking of immense political and musical strength: not only is it a clear sign that the producers doubt ACTA can improve their standing in any way, it is a radical proposal that they would rather beat up their European MPs than have ACTA ratified. And be sure they say it very loud and clear: the 4-CD compilation features excellent material ranging from harsh-noise through witchhouse and dubstep to triphop, psychedelic electronica and experimental poetry.

The dAdA ACTa is an initiative of the Brno-based electronic musician Michal Šuranský (going under the moniker of Jacques Kustod) and Bratislava’s visual experimentalist An Chaosdroid. Together they have united not only Czech and Slovak musicians, but also visual artists. Their message: “according to ACTA we are all criminals unless proven otherwise [at the expense of our privacy and knowledge]. We challenge ACTA to prove its intentions are honest and civilian oriented, and till not proven we will continue to consider it a threat to freedom of speech and of knowledge.”. 

Gustav Tutre & Euchrid Escrow – Digital Assange by GT&EE

We fully support that. You can download the compilation from [cd 1, cd 2, cd 3, cd 4] and also be sure to visit the dAdA ACTa website for artist’s statements, more informations and a cool Anti-Acta arcade game 🙂 Big Up !