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Dědečkova Tažná Zvěř – Kdo hýří dýmějemi, bude pokárán!

Published September, 2015
by Easterndaze

There’s something primordial about noise. The rawness and unhindered ways of sound, the sound almost hijacking its maker and using him or her as its medium. Having its own way. 

Dědečkova tažná zvěř was founded in the Czech Republic 1997 and during it’s active years they have successfully destroyed all the ideas about how a band should work. The members simply found joy in noise making and playing around. However this is actually what the genres like punk, experimental music and early industrial were about in their early years. Dědečkova Tažná Zvěř’s (which translates roughly as ‘Grandad’s Working Animals’) music is created as a free fall experiment, l’experiment pour l’experiment style, using synths, metal, iron rods, ceramics, glass and inane vocals. 

“Our collective has gone through numerous personal changes over those years. Each concert was probably played in a different set up. The band members changed, the instruments changed, our ‘music” style changed (but no calypso yet, don’t worry)! We started in two people. It was a lot of fun to wreak havoc. In the end, an ordinary band grew out of it, thought the scope of the ordinariness is questionable,” say the band members. 

In some respects, the band’s resolutely DIY punk approach reminds of the legendary NJ band Smersh and their idiosyncratic work and approach. No interest in fame or infamy, audience or anything external to pure sonic experimentation that has no boundaries.