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Easterndaze @ CTM Festival

Published May, 2016
by Easterndaze

In January 2016, Norient invited us for a talk at CTM Festival. Listen to the podcast from our lecture entitled: Easterndaze: DIY Sonic Topographies in Central and Eastern Europe.

More out of necessity than out of fashion, DIY has become the primary modus operandi for independent musicians, labels and initiatives. Bucharest’s Future Nuggets, for instance, recontextualise their country’s shunned musical past (with its styles like manele) under a fake palm tree to soundtrack the turbulent present and uncertain future. Belgrade’s No Basement Is Deep Enough release beautiful tapes in a region where tapes never really went away. Samčo, brat dážďoviek subverts Slovak nationalism and xenophobia in his Dadaist music videos in times when right-wing tendencies in many CEE countries are on the rise.