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Tag: Easterndaze

Easterndaze x Berlin 2019

THIRD EDITION OF FESTIVAL CONTINUES TO PAIR ELECTRONIC MUSIC COLLECTIVES OF EASTERN EUROPE + BERLIN TO CELEBRATE DIY ARTS & COMMUNAL ETHOS  28-30 November 2019 Various venues in Berlin Tickets for each event can be purchased directly at the door. The Easterndaze x Berlin festival once again invites artists, actors and activists from the electronic music scene of Eastern Europe to Berlin, pairing them with locally-based labels/collectives for live performances, DJ sets and talks.

Published October, 2019

Easterndaze x Berlin 2018

FESTIVAL SHOWCASES COLLECTIVES OF EASTERN EUROPE + BERLIN SECOND EDITION FROM NOV 28 - DEC 1 2018 AT VARIOUS VENUES Beyond folklore clichés and Cold War discourse, below the radar of the tastemaking music press, DIY, alternative, independent music scenes are thriving in Central and Eastern Europe. Since 2010, Easterndaze has explored and mapped local DIY scenes operating in a digital realm, introducing the creative personalities and collectives behind them to provide context.

Published November, 2018

It’s almost exactly three years since we started this, our Eastern adventures, sonic explorations, meeting amazing people, listening to great musics, climbing up the Soviet monument in Varna with Жълти Стъклa, to visiting cold wave musician and artist Wojciech Bąkowski in his flat in Poznan, chatting to animal activist and artist Penka Popova in Plovdiv, and impromptu broadcasting from the great diy radio Kanal 103 in Skopje at midnight. this video, featuring some shaky footage from our travels, was made by our friends a while ago, maybe it’s time to post it finally ;) Thanks to Fundaluka for making it for us! <3(Source: https://player.

Published April, 2013

Last but not least: Žilina

Our last (at least this year:) concert endeavour will take place in the Northern Slovakian hub Žilina in the one of the best cultural spaces in the country - Stanica. After the lofi, experimental installments, our third gig will make your legs shake, so get your dancing shoes ready! Fresh Polish urban scene, Romanian sampledelic super weird dancedelica, Slovakian sonic mentalism and fine DJ sets will guarantee a fun-filled pre-Xmas party (including punch!).

Published December, 2010