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Easterndaze x Berlin: Hear the new Total Black, EXILES and T+U compilation!

Published November, 2018
by Easterndaze

The compilation was inspired by the concept and initiative of Easterndaze festival as for collective collaboration bringing together three different art projects but similar mindsets, geographically, virtually and symbolically.

Formed in Montreal, 2012, Total Black is a record label presently based in Berlin releasing noise, industrial, power electronics, and experimental music. Frequently organizing events with disparate but complimentary sounds, showcasing artists and associates of the label from across the world. EXILES is a Budapest-based experimental techno label T+U (Technologie und das Unheimliche) is a Berlin-Budapest-Elsewhere based publishing project and cross-disciplinary movement. T+U aims to circuit the cultural phenomena resulting from the confrontation between the conditio humana and technology by thematic issues and related projects. Regarding to this mission, T+U mediates between cultural technologies within the context of post-digitality and tries to contaminate para-academic thinking with artistic tactics.

The result of this collective brainstorming materialized in a compilation consisting six tracks of unreleased and exclusive materials from the artists and musicians performing at the festival. Released digitally on Bandcamp and on limited tape records of 50 copies.

Easterndaze x Berlin: Total Black x EXILES x T+U by Easterndaze

1. nullius in verba feat. Lynette Cerezo (Bestial Mouths) – I Saw Death – Special collaboration between Lynette Cerezo, vocalist of darkwave, goth synth band Bestial Mouths and nullius in verba aka Balazs Kepli, sound engineer and music editor of Technologie und das Unheimliche collective. Epic layers of drone produced by nullius in verba overdubbed with Lynette Cerezo’s ritual chanting about the depths and cycle of life: “I know nothing but I know death.”

2. Purgate & Entertainment – Container – 
Long time Canadian friends living in Berlin joined forces for sonic experiments where heavyweight dark ambient soundscapes meet powerful rhythmic noise. Purgate is a new solo project of Frederic Arbour, founder of the legendary dark ambient label Cyclic Law, debuting his live show at Easterndaze x Berlin festival 2018. Entertainment is the alter ego of Brett Wagg, founder of power noise tape label Total Black also debuting his live show with his duo project Jesuve.

3. FOR. – Neo Hidraero – FOR. is the duo of Abris Gryllus and Miklos Farkas releasing records on Budapest labels Farbwechsel and Exiles. Their music is an investigation of the “abyss between distorted industrial soundscapes and heavy-weight techno beats”. They are preparing a new live show for their Berlin debut.

4. Oil Thief – Victoria – Oil Thief provided an unreleased track and he is playing new material off his forthcoming new album. The LA based veteran of industrial, techno and power electronics is on Eastern European tour with Jesuve.

5. Fausto Mercier – Daze – Exiles affiliated Hungarian sound designer and producer compresses bass heavy beats with industrial noises to create a massive catharsis of sonic attacks.

6. TELEϟPORT – léc – Infamous destroyer and modular synth punk Péter Márton aka Prell is founder of the Budapest-based free-tekno collective Davoria. His hardcore harsh noise recall the 90’s rave explosions with a fresh eastern blast.