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Meteorismo label podcast

Published April, 2016
by Easterndaze

Meteorismo is a Prague-based label which explores a so-called invisible scene. It sources obscure recordings from various remote areas – both musical and geographical. Meteorismo, the label, came about more or less by chance a few years ago and was established by the Finnish conceptual artist and musician Pasi Mäkelä and Tomáš Procházka renowned from music projects Gurun Gurun and B4.

Here you can listen to their special podcast, presenting the label’s distinctive oeuvre. In spite of the label’s stylistic and historical broadness, the output has a unified sonic identity. There’s uncanny vocal samples, improv bits, techno, the customary experimental electronics, acoustics and beyond. There are upcoming tracks on there as well as a “cherry on top” – a found tape, the Fun Learn Company.


Federsel/Freudl – Thaw
The Meme – 1
Andrej Danóczi – Keďalej
Robert Smolík – Trpké plody
Sabotanic Garden – Fantom
Kurz Weill – Hornobostel-Sachs 421.221.42
Handa Gote – Tableau Magique
Andrej Danóczi – Tomu všetkému je na vine ten tvoj
Sabotanic Garden – Tonttu, Side A
Martin Janíček – live
Federsel & Mäkelä – The Molusks
David Vrbík – MZ X Was A Pilot
Kraeae – Kristallimetsa
Thuránszky Pipetta – Eleusis 1
PAM – Clusterbomber
Federsel & Mäkelä – Intermezzo