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Tag: podcast

b0g podcast: mix and mash, steal and clash

B0g - this great force by Easterndaze on Mixcloud Our Bucharest based bass buddie delivers another in our series of exclusive artist podcasts, by artists whom we like and who return our affinity (delusions of grandeur?) with sound pieces composed of their own recordings or as in the last podcast, by Piotr Kurek, an audio documentation of a journey to a concert. This time, it’s b0g, who was also featured on our second compilation with his massive Now I Want To Sniff Some Glue.

Published July, 2012

April + May Shizz podcast

New podcast featuring our favourite woozy ghostly songs hand-picked from the hyperweb from April and May. Featuring tracks from the recently-established Hungarian tape label Golf Team Records that champions the local bedroom lofi scene with some cool new finds, Skopje-based poetic project Undone, Lasariage and Headshotboyz on a dreamy chill note, with the end heading off in a more relentless vein courtesy of Jacques Kustod, Andu Simion or Synus0006.

Published June, 2012

Feb+March Shizz (best new tracks podcast)

From languid electronic to hazy atmospheres (and lazy mixing, haha), here is our new podcast featuring tracks by Skopje’s electro don Alavux (who releases on DJ Godfather‘s Twilight 76 label), new (dark) find Syphil from Belgrade, easterndaze staples like Makunouchi Bento, Route 8 or Hipdiebattery (both of whom will play live at our impending release party in Budapest - more info here), as well as beautiful dreamy number by Gustav Tutre & Euchrid Escrow off the DADA ACTA compilation. Delve in.

Published April, 2012

Serbia – an audio travelogue (Resonance FM)

A view of Belgrade from the top floor hallway of one of the East Gate towers Our affinity for the Balkans started more than a year ago when we first set out to explore the music scene of this for us totally unfamiliar country - at least until then (in spite of the fact that half of Lucia’s family lives there). Serbia is perhaps the most economically and politically disadvantaged, dealing with the legacy of its past and relative isolation in European terms.

Published December, 2011