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LOM label podcast

Published July, 2013
by Easterndaze

LOMcast by Easterndaze on Mixcloud

LOM is a Slovak experimental label, focusing on the avantgarde, electroacoustic, and adventurous. It started in 2011, when Jonas Gruska, LOM’s heart and soul, was studying at the Institute of Sonology in the Netherlands. It has released numerous releases by idiosyncratic Slovak artists, and here they present their ouvre. A gentle, detailed and sublime journey through the various delineations of sound and composition. Here is our radio interview with Jonas about LOM /in Slovak/ and here Jonas’ own project Binmatu.

How and when was LOM set up?

LOM started in 2011. I was studying in the Netherlands and that led to me view the Slovak experimental music in a different, outbound perspective. I felt that there is a certain lack of an experimental platform, which would reach audiences outside of the borders of the country. Therefore I reached Danky and Or.lock in Bratislava and we joined our forces in this singular effort. .

What is the objective of LOM?

Our main objective is to give space and promote underground, experimental artists, which in our belief deserve publicity. Our main focus is Eastern Europe, although lately I have been exposed to so many interesting (and not releasing) non-CEE artists, and I am reconsidering the idea. .

How do you pick your artists?

Sometimes they pick us, sometimes we pick them, but the main criteria is originality and dedication. We love to hear people which truly believe in their work and aren’t simply trend-followers trying to surf the hypewave. We don’t focus on specific direction of experimental music, prove can be found simply by comparing our latest 3 releases. .

Can you tell us about your current release?

Our current release is a work by Jolana Havelková, an established Czech visual artist and Lucie Vítková, a composer and performer. Together they have created quite original material dealing with graphic scores, reminiscences and sonic archeology. In my opinion, it is truly a gem on the field of new contemporary Czech-slovak music and we hope it won’t be forgotten. .

What are your future plans?

The future plans are quite wild. I am organizing one event in September, something in a quite unconventional and new format. Regarding releases, we already have four albums planned, starting with Cave Art, which is a group surrounded around “Standuino” synthesizers, continuing with mesmerizing Angakkut, weirdfolk operas of András Cséfalvay and ending with dense rhythm psychedelia of Amen Tma. Keep your ears clean! .