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October + November Shizz

Published December, 2011
by Easterndaze

Another in our supposedly regular monthly podcasts presenting the best music we could come across in the given period (geographically attuned to our focus of course:). This installment turned out slightly deranged with lot of spoken word, psychedelia and twisted electronics.

The brilliant label Sangoplasmo features heavily, as does Polish music with Grobbing Thristle’s reworked album Other or ∑B❍L▲ ▲P∑’s post-witch garage? stuff. Slovenia’s dancer and vocal artist Irena Tomažin whispers with her delicate voice while Romanian hyperactive multi Soundcloud personality urchins Somnoroase Pasarele deliver the f-word repeatedly. There’s also the great new record by Slovakia’s hardware experimentalists Jamka and a bit of techno at the end. 

October + November Shizz by Easterndaze on Mixcloud