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Serbia – an audio travelogue (Resonance FM)

Published December, 2011
by Easterndaze

A view of Belgrade from the top floor hallway of one of the East Gate towers

Our affinity for the Balkans started more than a year ago when we first set out to explore the music scene of this for us totally unfamiliar country – at least until then (in spite of the fact that half of Lucia’s family lives there).

Serbia is perhaps the most economically and politically disadvantaged, dealing with the legacy of its past and relative isolation in European terms. Thus, we were intrigued by its music scene and the opinions and current context as viewed by the new generation of creators.

Politics, society, past and present, all this features in the hour-long documentary – a result of painstaking editing of the heaps of audio material that we amassed during our two visits – and gnd’s two months’ sojourn in Belgrade (he liked it so much the first time he decided to come back next year and stay).

Easterndaze Travelogues – [02] Serbia by easterndaze

Dusan Zica of Temple of the Smoke, Lukatoyboy, Vuksa Velickovic, WooBELI4, Ne-ton, Ivan Ckonjevic of Novi Sad’s Improstor, Rap Cats and others whom we would feature space permitting, create and function in circumstances that might be more adverse than in other European countries, but that doesn’t stop them from believing in what they do.

The show features:
Luka Toyboy
Belgrade Schoolyard (field rec.)
Luka Toyboy – Betmenu
Belgrade Street (field rec.)
Vuksa Velickovic
Marek Mikus
Dusan Zica
K.O.F.Y – Loose Cantrol
K.O.F.Y. – Mugabe’s Lunch
Mangulica FM
Mangulica FM – o o o 
Rap Cat$
Rap Cat$ – Hi
Rap Cat$ – I$HT
Rap Cat$ – Alive
Tobi, Svetlana Industries
Filtercutter – Eastern Sham
WoO – Outendo
Belgrade Noise Trio – Moonstones (excerpt)
Vladimir Lenhart
Vladimir Lenhart – Live at Easterndaze Night in Bratislava
Ivan Ckonjevic
Ivan Ckonjevic – Plavi Bicikl Pod Oblacima
Damian Brkic
BELI4 – Waves
Belgrade Train Station (field rec. by Tomlija)