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Tag: Prague

Podcast – Red For Colour Blind

Red For Color Blind by Easterndaze on Mixcloud The podcast created by the makers of the Red For Colour Blind blog, which is dedicated to an “invisible scene”, gathers various projects from the fringes of the Prague post-noise underground, mainly associated with the label and DIY collective KLaNGundKRaCH, which, coincidentally celebrates its 6th anniversary this November. Aside from Czech producers and ensembles, it also features foreigners active on the scene including Core of the Coalman or Romano Krzych.

Published November, 2013

Vložte Kočku – TáTa (Landmine Alert, 2012)

The burgeoning Prague-based label Landmine Alert has just released the debut LP of its most idiosyncratic band to date - Vložte Kočku. The LP titled Táta is composed of 7 songs that incorporate elements of postrock, hard-core, electronica, hiphop and spoken word into a very perplexing and multifacetted sound (using electronic violin instead of a guitar), that is at the same time utterly unique in the Czech scene and also very typical in some respect (considering the vocal delivery style common for a plethora of Czech bands).

Published March, 2012