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Moduretik – Komplex (Bleeding Ear, 2011)

Published March, 2011
by Easterndaze

Moduretik is a 24 year old musician from Prague. He started producing in 2001 with stints in experimental/IDM duo Moon Projekt and screamo/hc band Kill! Kill! Kids! Subsequently he went on a solo path, releasing several albumsthat saw him experiment with IDM/ambient and buoyant 8 BIT sounds and samples from Czechoslovak comedies.

His latest record (out today, 13 March 2011) sees him delve into analogue noodling courtesy of his analogue synthetizer. Rather than the happy-go-lucky 8/bit sounds, his new record follows in a more minimalist synth path reflecting the last couple of years of musical development and the increased interest in old analogue synthetizers and sounds as championed by half of Brooklyn and also, notably, the Minimal Wave imprint. 

Komplex is out on the Prague-based CDR label Bleeding Ear. Listen to it:

Moduretik – 29 by easterndaze