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Tag: electro

Raketa Mixtape 001 / Č! WYSZUKANA KOMPILACJA

Do artists who live in one geographical area have more in common than those across borders but with stylistic affinities, especially at times when anything confined to the national level seems obsolete? This is the question we also have asked numerous times during our travels. Two compilations are trying to prove that there is still place to highlight local productions, especially if there are certain parallels in their sonic output and a shared physical interaction and context.

Published December, 2012

Feb+March Shizz (best new tracks podcast)

From languid electronic to hazy atmospheres (and lazy mixing, haha), here is our new podcast featuring tracks by Skopje’s electro don Alavux (who releases on DJ Godfather‘s Twilight 76 label), new (dark) find Syphil from Belgrade, easterndaze staples like Makunouchi Bento, Route 8 or Hipdiebattery (both of whom will play live at our impending release party in Budapest - more info here), as well as beautiful dreamy number by Gustav Tutre & Euchrid Escrow off the DADA ACTA compilation. Delve in.

Published April, 2012