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Vložte Kočku – TáTa (Landmine Alert, 2012)

Published March, 2012
by Easterndaze

The burgeoning Prague-based label Landmine Alert has just released the debut LP of its most idiosyncratic band to date – Vložte Kočku. The LP titled Táta is composed of 7 songs that incorporate elements of postrock, hard-core, electronica, hiphop and spoken word into a very perplexing and multifacetted sound (using electronic violin instead of a guitar), that is at the same time utterly unique in the Czech scene and also very typical in some respect (considering the vocal delivery style common for a plethora of Czech bands).

Other bands on Landmine Alert are Ufajr – a more postrockish project and Mutanti hledaj východisko – an electronic hiphop project of two former acting students on Prague’s DAMU theatre academy. Be sure to grab the Vložte Kočku’s debut LP Táta for free from the Landmine Alert website.