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Exterritory Vol III: from kosmische to distant rave

Published September, 2013
by Easterndaze

The Exterritory compilation series strives to present the best up-and-coming music from Central Europe – Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland, aka the V4. It is the third installment of the annual sonic list, focusing mostly on electronics and new forms of the aural underground.

Starting off with heartfelt electronic crooners Palermo from Prague, it follows with Poland’s relentless Rosinski over to the kosmische sounds of Budapest’s Norwell, his fellow Hungarian, Farbwechsel label owner and Opal Tapes’ star S Olbricht romantic lofi techno or Prague’s Lightning Glove’s “distant rave”.

The compilation, as a music assemblage concept, is a complicated thing. It is difficult to gather tracks which create a holistic piece of art, an album which is not only a sum of its parts, but also a thing in itself. We have also released two, which are downloadable here and here, and realise its pitfalls, hence it was difficult to send some tracks to Exterritory as well, without knowing what the other curators have chosen, but the finishing product has managed to deliver – with some weaker and some stronger tracks obviously – a compact overview of the freshest sounds from da V4!