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Published March, 2015
by Easterndaze

The idea to release a split came from ◊►≈ sometimes in the sumer of last year. It was a good challenge for us because we had just bought a synth few months prior to that and started to work on new material. Leaving the past behind, the old synth buried, ready for a serious renewal. I think it’s obvious from the names of the tracks themselves – Jak tichá voda břehy melu (Like Still Waters I Run Deep), Běhám kolem Ohně (I’m Running Around the Fire), Blíží se bouře (The Storm Is Coming) or I Wash My Soul and Rinse It, that we have matured and started to deal with existential topics.

The desire to capture the bipolar life situations or search for the sources of truth or self-confessions were embedded into our work in the form of these 4 tracks. We continued and gained new energy and inspiration, which we want to use for making something big (even if just an LP). We are fully aware of the risks which this entails – old fans used to old models and ways not sufficiently open to accept new invitations from our side got themselves heard after the launch already – “oh you mellowed out, it’s not what it used to be, it’ shit”, but how long is it possible to follow the well-known, tried and tested safe ways? But there were also those who said the opposite. Some noted that our new live versions sounded like our own remixes, in a good way. 

Here and Now                                                                                                                     In the Body which wears me                                                                                                     In the Body which materialize me                                                                            Tense as a Bow                                                                                                            Sensitive as a String                                                                                                    And my Uncounscious                                                                                                 Ship od Uncounscious                                                                                                    Here and Now                                                                                                                     In the Body which wears me                                                                                                     In the Body which materialize me                                                                                 My Wounds And My Steps                                                                                              And the Monument of Human                                                                                      And my Uncounscious                                                                                                           He’s in me is mighty Scream!
I Wash My Soul And Rinse It!
I Wash My Soul And Rinse It!

When it comes to the lyrics, we bared it all, no hiding, no dada inanities, double meanings or nonsense, nor overt use of metaphors, just a direct, raw feeling emanating from the inside. Without any premeditations and masks. I’m truly convinced that if the listeners won’t take us seriously after this record, they are missing out on something. Frankly. What? Whenever someone was writing about us in the past, it was always with a smirk, oh, those ridiculous types. Forget it.

The stream of pathos is encircled by the dance rhythms and melodies. This is contemporary classical dance music. The tape looks great, although I haven’t heard it yet myself, because I only have a tape player in my car and my car has been in the repair shop ever since the Brno launch, but I believe that content follows form.

By Jakub Adamec