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Moduretik – Fantas

Published October, 2011
by Easterndaze

Few months after his previous release Komplex (read our feature here), the Prague-based Moduretik is back with an album called Fantas. On his latest release, he further delves into minimal-wave territory with his bleak atmospherics and cold-blooded electronic music. The 80s synthwave has had a good few years recently (even though both Minimal Wave and Wierd have championed this sound for some time) inspiring a lot of contemporary synthwave musicians and in Prague the RARE analogue parties in Carculcah have become a haven for this sound. Btw the next installment of Rare features cold-wave project Xeno&Oaklander with Moduretik also on the same bill.

Ty/ Ja (Fantas CD-R) – NEW by Moduretik

Fantas is more visceral and darker than Komplex and features deadpan vocals. Whereas Komplex was a sombre walk in empty streets at 5am, Fantas is dancing in dark&dirty underground clubs immersed in fog and strobe lights.

We Dancing (Fantas CD-R) – NEW by Moduretik