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New tricks and tracks

Published January, 2011
by Easterndaze

A backlog of new tracks and releases from the Eastern front… this time focusing on fresh labels and electronic producers from the former Czecho-Slovakia. If you happen to be cooking up some good stuff, drop it at our Soundcloud.

Jesus Stickers is a Slovak project created by Slavo Herman, who under his alias Casi Cada Minuto also played a sublime set at one of our events. The debut longplayer of his aforementioned band is out since December 2010 and is called Der Mittwoch (this is an apt post on a Wednesday, ehm).

Jesus Stickers – Deadline 3 by easterndaze

Jimmy Pé from Slovakia

Jimmy Pé – Circus by Jimmy Pé

Gergaz is a Slovak netlabel putting out various flavours of dancy beats & electronica. With 13 releases over the last two years, its trying to showcase new talents not only from Slovakia but also abroad. Its founder GLGN acquired also the fresh Slovak producer Jimmy Pé. His upbeat, wonky & glitch-hop influenced sound wont leave you cold.


Taken from Nailer’s Before the Storm Remixes EP out on Czech premier dubstep/urban beats label OWNTEMPO, this track is the work of two excellent dubstep producers and dj’s ANS and Nailer. The label was founded in 2007 by the pioneering Czech dubstep producer Side9000.

Two years-or-so ago, Isobutane, another upcoming Slovak electronica producer, decided it is time to abandon his solo production and focus more on his shoegaze/postrock project The Ills. Since then the band worked to release its debut LP To Wish Impossible Things on the Slovak Exitmusic netlabel in October 2010. Surprisingly, the latest release coming from the label is Isobutane’s rejuvenated solo project. The record Pros and Cons of Being out of Control is a varied selection of tracks ranging from straight-out electrotrash disco to more subtle, even nostalgic IDM athmospheres.