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Planety – Peklo, peklo, ráj (Máma Mrdá Maso, 2012)

Published July, 2012
by Easterndaze

I suppose only a few of the readers of Easterndaze have heard of the Silesian label Mama Mrdá Maso and only a miniscule amount of them would have made it through any of their records released before April 2012. That’s the point in time, when the MMM label released its breakthrough record, the debut LP Peklo, Peklo, Ráj by the band Planety. Word is, there is a physical release planned, but in the meantime, grab it for free here.

All of the other MMM’s releases are free too, and it seems their bands probably play only for travel and bar expenses (but hey, be careful with these guys) because of the MMM’s motto:

“… activities connected with music are incompatible with making money, in the same way as they are incompatible with respecting any forms of conservative thought … we just want to have fun!”

The members of the band Planety were involved in projects such as Vincent Vega, Ambellyn, Le Christ Hypercubic, Plešatá zpěváčka and most probably in many more which are or were connected under the banner of the MMM label. As the saying goes “it’s like apples and pears”. In short: their production ranged from dream pop, via shoegaze, indie, raw rock’n’roll and noise to metal. And it seems, none of those bands ever used any electronics – everything is cut in a classical form: guitar, bass, drums.

Planety – 68 by Easterndaze tracks

With this kind of experience, they must have had known, what they wanted and how to do it, and hit the jackpot. The naïve interpretation usually goes like this: the hardcore guys play hardcore music and in this way prove their “hardcoreness” to the world. Planety are hardcore in a different way – not by being loud, but by being bold on the content side. The LP is full of pathos, but it is emotional, clean, intimate and truthful in such a way, that the pathos becomes the record’s solid foundation, one that cannot be shaken even in its weak moments.

Planety – OŸči by Easterndaze tracks

Who in Bohemia has the potential to create a really great and meaningful record ? There are just a few people. And that’s why Planety are so big and unique. These guys pretend nothing, its none of those pseudo-whatever short-sighted trends which have so much saturated the local scenes that by listening to it you feel awkward and get pissed off or you just can’t finish the record. These boys have shoegaze, strong melodies and romance in their blood. With heart.

Planety – Nafialovělá  vnějších srdcí by Easterndaze tracks

In a way it’s a really classical record and it’s possible to improve the sound. Also the phrasing in some places. And if to have a cover, let it be one that would fit more. If this is going to be accomplished on the next LP, I’m already looking forward. In every case: this is a unique Czech record and if Planety would have such big push and obsessive desire for self-promotion as for example Bonus does, they would have the chance to win Anděl, Vinyla and Apollo (three different music awards by Czech critics) at the same time. Which is proven by their single Nafialovělá vnějších srdcí, one of the strongest on the record, that scores for already six weeks in the charts of the Czech Radio 1. And that only serves as a little confirmation of the big pop potential of Planety.

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