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Reclaiming rave: Lightning Glove – Fantasmagorie interiéru

Published March, 2013
by Easterndaze


Lightning Glove is a Czech project that emerged from the murky circles of the Prague noise/psychedelic collective Klangundkrach. A trio, accompanied by a visualist, Lightning Glove strive to resurrect rave from its sad sold-out existence, as they told us in an interview:

The music has inherent allusions to the likes of Excepter or Suicide, with a dash of Coil or Throbbing Gristle for a good measure, a psychedelic lo-fi guttural onslaught that you can listen to and groove to, as well, aiming for the treshold between psychedelics and post-dance, with yearning vocals, delayed samples, tweaking the hidden ghost out of their drum machine, to create an aural shamanistic excercise. As with “classic” rave, the album is a story with ebbs and flows, climaxes and comedowns.

The band will launch the release, out on tape, on Wednesday, 20 March at our almost regular Baba Vanga event with Ultra Eczema’s analogue fiend Nachtbote in Prague.

Fantasmagorie Interiéru by Lightning Glove