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recontextualizing dné

Published May, 2011
by Easterndaze

The Prague-based artist Ondřej Holý, working under his nom de plume dné, features on our sampler. He also has an EP Talking With Crayons and a casette out on AM Discs Eating a Wrapper Instead of a Candy. His new offering Reading Lyrics Aloud Means Singing has just been released by the American label Mine All Mine Records. The EP comes with a twist. Aside from dné’s original track, the EP also features three “remixes” by artists such as Former Ghosts. The condition for the reworking of the track was following: refashion the track according to your will but you must provide your own lyrics. Clever, no? 

You can download the EP here

Track List:
01.  dné – Reading, Then Eye Contact
02.  Slowmotiondancer – First Reading, Then The Dancefloor
03.  I DO NOT LOVE. – Reading
04.  Former Ghosts – Please, Please Wait For Me

<a href=“” _mce_href=“”>Reading Lyrics Aloud Means Singing by Mine All Mine Records</a>