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Reinterpreting Brno 80ties sonic underground

Published June, 2011
by Easterndaze

Moravia with Brno as its hub had a thriving musical underground scene in the eighties, a unique sonic microcosm of various projects, bands and personalities. Some of the most important bands of the Brno scene were foremostly Dunaj, but also other less renowned projects such as E, Happyend, Odvážní bobříci, Ošklid, Ještě jsme se nedohodli, Podchodem vchod, Z kopce. 

As part of the project 20 after which rediscovers the gems of the 80ties underground for the current generations and creates and audiovisual archive of Brno alternative culture, is the compilation Brzo na mě přijde rada which has several Czech, Polish and Slovak musicians reinterpreting the music of their forebears.

Kompilace 20after by

Midi Lidi – Na jih (original by Dunaj) by Bumbum Satori