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sfa012 Tarnovski – Proč jsme se nepotkali zaživa? /mixtape/

Published July, 2013
by Easterndaze

The period between 1967 and 1993 in the former Czechoslovakia was marked by ominous atmosphere that pervaded the society following the Prague Spring of 1968, manifested through the so-called Normalization. One of the tools of the regime was censorship of the media, thus, lot of creators either had to completely cease working in their chosen artistic field, or channel their creativity through allegories. The sound used in films of Czechoslovakia from that period, is, not surprisingly, often marked by strange, uncanny atmospheres to almost psychedelic effect. No wonder, that several soundtracks to movies from this region have been excavated and released by the likes of Finders Keepers.

The following mixtape is a beautiful haunting collection – a perfect CZ hauntology piece – of sounds from TV productions of the Brno Czech TV studio, and is now published by the Czech netlabel Signals From Arkaim.

Listen here: