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Střed Světa – Střed Světa /Baba Vanga, 2013/

Published January, 2013
by Easterndaze

After having travelled half of /the eastern/ part of Europe over the last two or three years, and meeting and discovering amazing music, we have decided we want to make it heard, loud and physical. Thus, we are delving into the label game, with a simple aim – expose music that somehow stands out through idiosyncratic existence. After last year’s visit to Bulgaria, when our first release was conceived, we have decided to call it Baba Vanga.

Inspired by Baba Vanga, a mystic with a legendery status in the Bulgarian communist tradition, Baba Vanga, the imprint kickstarts with a release by Střed Světa – center of the world – with an eponymous album, released on January 23rd—an edition of 111 cassettes presenting a psychedelic voyage into out-there techno, layering of samples and non-linear story-telling. Střed Světa is based somewhere between the outer reaches of Prague suburbia and the world, making music as a part of his quotidian activities for more than a decade.

A self-professed misanthrope, who doesn’t mind company, delves deeper into the recesses of his aural memory to recontextualize influences ranging from German rave to IDM, but transgressing and subverting any genre-based limitations, utilizing a deliberate “slap-dash” modus operandi.  An expression that is like controlled stream of consciousness, a lysergic trip through deeper recesses of one’s mind, with distant melodies, detours and rythmic delineations.

We launch the cassette with our friend Stefan from Vienna and his new project Virtual Institute Vienna at the Prague gallery Berlinskej Model today, 23 January 2013. Come if you are near.