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The chimerical techno of RSS Boys remixed by Pawel Pesel and Mangrove Mangrave

Published April, 2013
by Easterndaze

RSS Boys linger in secret, though they recently appeared on the Wire Tapper CD, their identity or whereabouts remain cloaked in a veil of mystery, aside from the fact that they release their prolific output /their latest album proper appeared in March/ on the acclaimed Mik Musik! and are part of their Secret Editions, alongside artists like Pawel Pesel /whose great release Ekscentryzm was released last year/ or Mangrove Mangrave whose release is equally pleasing the adventurous ear. All of them share a certain kind of sonic aesthetics taking its cues from slow, mangled techno and psychedelic atmospherics. Something that would fit well at 7am in a dark, spartan-like venue, where bodies writhe with amphetamine comedown, devoid of basic humane functions, responding to primordial elements of music, the kick, the bass.


Though it is not to say the music is simple, it just emanates from those corners of the dancefloors that eschew the testosterone like relentlessness in favour of the chimerical, opaque and sometimes, as is evident in these two reworkings, which were released as part of the Record Store Day on Saturday, 20 April, even ethereally cheerful. The RSS Boys remixes is an ongoing project that keeps expanding, so follow their Bandcamp page for further additions.

DR1 DR2 DR3 | DR4 by PaweĊ‚ Pesel & RSS B0YS