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Vychodiska @ Radio Wave (czech 4th national channel)

Published October, 2011
by Easterndaze

One of our radio outputs apart from ocasional shows for and even more sporadic production-in-the-making for Resonance FM is the weekly feature Vychodiska at the czech Radio Wave.

The feature is broadcast every Wednesday at 11:20 and 16:20 in the czech/slovak language mutation, you can however listen to the english mutations either from the Radio Wave archive or from our Soundcloud.

So far the shows have featured the Slovak electronica producer Jacques Kustod from Brno (to be uploaded yet), the Macedonian abstract/idm producer Nina Georgieva, the new Prague-based lofi imprint alice mange son coeur, the Bosnian theatre directress Selma Sphaić, Belgrade’s synth-fi rap streetkids Rap Cat$ and the Polish ambient/neoclassical producer Jacaszek

Stay tuned for more content from the (wider) region or check out the past shows:

Vychodiska @ Radio Wave by easterndaze