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Exterritory Vol 2

Published March, 2012
by Easterndaze

A new compilation by Strefa Szarej, a label and a cultural organisation run out of Cieszyn in Poland near the Czech border tries to reflect the music production of the country’s neighbouring countries – Czech Republic and Slovakia (and even Hungary). Genre-wise, the focus is of course on the fringes of the music production of the respective countries (otherwise we wouldn’t be writing about it:), but it varies from weirdo electronic (notably miss Dolly Rambo, Hungary’s foremost art bruteish pop star) through post-dance through psychedelic and mellow at the end with Fuka Lata, Sangoplasmo’s Lutto Lento and their epic 17-minute track, Grobbing Thristle and their haunting ode, I Love 69 Popgeju, Moduretik, Stroon, Piča z Hoven, IP (Identity Problem) or Dead Janitor.

What else: we had a chance to co-curate the compilation and you can download it for freeeeee here.

<a href=“” data-mce-href=“”>Exterritory 02 by Strefa Szarej Records</a>